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About Nai Manzil

Nai Manzil  -  An integrated Education and Livelihood initiative for the Minority Communities
Nai Manzil is a new initiative of the Government. It was launched on 8th August, 2015 at Patna, Bihar. The Scheme aims to benefit the minority youths who do not have a formal school leaving certificate, i.e those in the category of school- dropouts or educated in community education institutions like Madarsas, in order to provide them formal education and skills, and enable them to seek better employment and livelihoods in the organised sector.

The Scheme has been approved with the cost of Rs.650.00 Crore for five years with 50% funding from the World Bank. The World Bank has approved the funding of US$50 million. This is the first World Bank supported programme for minority welfare in this Ministry. The scheme is also significant as it combines education with skills for school dropouts which will significantly enhance their employability.

The scheme is being implemented by the Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) who provide non- residential integrated education and skill training for 9 to 12 months, of which a minimum of 3 months be devoted to skill training compliant with the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF). After completion of skill training according to the defined framework, the beneficiaries will be placed in jobs appropriate to their qualifications.

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